OPTIMUM HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS, INC., owned and operated by Waterous Medical Corporation evolved from Waterous Clinics, Inc.. a reputable medical institution founded in 1945 by Dr. Willard Waterous, a resident physician of the US embassy. Waterous Clinic was a pioneer in the delivery of prepaid industrial medical services making available quality healthcare to employees of business establishments like PLDT, Benguet Consolidated and the American Embassy.


In 1981, Waterous Clinics, Inc. was bought by Telectronics Systems, Inc. (TSI), a business conglomerate engaged in telecommunications, manufacturing, trading, security agencies, real estate services, and now health services. More clinics were established in Metro Manila to cater to the medical and dental requirements of employees in the business communities. The corporate name was changed to Waterous Medical Corporation.

After the celebration of Waterous Hospital's 50th year anniversary in 1995, its owners decided to re-engineer its corporate strategy in order to adapt to the changing environment in the healthcare industry. Subsequently, OPTIMUM HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS, INC. was registered with the SEC to operate as a Health Maintenance Organization, formalizing the managed healthcare system that it had been operating with for more than 50 years. but this time, on a nationwide scale through its network of medical and dental providers. OPTIMUM HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS, INC. also operates the Optimum Ambulatory Care Center, the Optimum Surgicenter (for outpatient surgeries) and intends to build a general hospital in the near future.

Optimum is proud to have in its medical network more than 200 top-rated hospitals, laboratory, diagnostic and dental clinics and over 2,000 distinguished board certified medical practitioners in the country.